State Highpoint Numbers 15 & 16:

Date: Friday, September 7, 2000
Peak: Timms Hill
Height: 1,951 feet
Vertical Climb: 130 feet
Round-trip Mileage: 0.4 miles

Peak Class: #1
Height Rank: #39 of 50
Difficulty Rank: #31 of 50

Stopped at Edgerton and filled up with gas. Got on the Interstate 90 and it was 90 degrees at 2:55. Started to sprinkle and around 4:00 I stopped at a roadside park and stretched and ate some peanuts and took it easy. The park had a really nice Korean War memorial.
Continued north through rolling forested hills. Sun came out around 5:30. Arrived at Tomahawk around 6:00 and checked into the Alamo Plaza Motel. It was $30 and not really great but clean and cheaper than the other two motels in town. I immediately drove out Hwy 86 past Spirit and found the Timms Hill County Park road and followed it up to the highpoint parking lot. Loaded my backpack and hiked five minutes up a steep trail to the two lookout towers on the peak. Shot some pictures of the highpoint geodesic marker and climbed the wooden tower and watch as the sun was going down. It was really pretty here and the tower afforded a great panoramic view. The setting sun cast really pretty colors on the trees below and it was just a really nice and serene time. This was my fifteenth high point and third in which I have watched the sun set. There’s something special about that---the evening is silent, the air cooled off and the scenery beautiful when the sun goes down.
Returned to the truck and drove the 23 miles back to Tomahawk and arrived after dark. Took a hot shower and then went downtown to find a restaurant. Ended up returning to the Alamo Plaza Restaurant and had BBQ pork ribs and salad bar. Not a really good meal. Only one other table had customers and the speaker system had a radio station with the local girl’s high school volleyball team game. The ribs were ok but the sauce was terrible. Returned to the room and started catching up on the laptop.

Date: Friday, September 8, 2000
Peak: Mount Arvon
Height: 1,979 feet
Vertical Climb: 300 feet
Round-trip Mileage: 2 miles
Peak Class: #2
Height Rank: #38 of 50
Difficulty Rank: #24 of 50

Entered Michigan at 10:40. At 11:10 arrived at Bruce Crossing and took Hwy 28 to L’Anse. Saw three large beautiful does standing on the side of the road. They waited for me to get there---I slowed down---and then they bolted back into the woods.
Passed through Watton, Michigan and about the only thing there was the Do Drop Inn---how many of those have I seen?ulled into L’Anse at exactly noon. Bought a Subway sandwich to go and then asked at the post office and got directions and drove 16 miles to the turnoff. Just past Skanee I found the Mt. Zion Church and asked a man working outside for directions and he pointed me the way I was going. He had a very heavy accent---French I think.
Mt. Arvon is supposed to be a tricky highpoint because the gravel road is literally crisscrossed with old logging trails and it is easy to get lost. Somebody has put up blue and white diamond directional signs but you have to watch carefully to see them. I passed to the right of the lake and then got to the giant gravel pit. Just like two of the highpointers on the webpage, I took the wrong road here but quickly figured it out and turned around. I found the right road, crossed the wooden bridge and followed the markers up the rough logging road up to the summit. I parked the truck, packed my backpack and hiked the quarter mile up the trail to the highpoint.
Arrived at the trailhead at 1:15 so it took me over an hour from L’Anse and up the logging road. This is definitely the most remote highpoint I’ve ever driven up to. It took me ten minutes to hike up to the top and just before the summit I found a beautiful, long-legged doe standing on the trail. She let me walk to within about 50 feet and then ran off.
The summit is covered with a canopy of green trees and there is no vista at all but it is very beautiful up here. There is a geodesic marker here and the Boy Scouts have erected a metal pipe with a sliding door for the trail register. I signed in and then took some photos and ate half my sandwich. After about twenty minutes I headed back down to the truck..
Absolutely beautiful day---warm but not too hot with a gentle breeze. Light blue skies and white clouds.
At 3:00 I filled up again at L’Anse and then got caught in a funeral procession. L’Anse was built on the shore of Lake Superior and I followed the shoreline around to Barraga and then east toward Wisconsin. Arrived at Ontonogon, Michigan at 4:00. At 5:03 it was 73 degrees.
Arrived at Silver City and took a side trip along the coast. Stopped for about a half hour and walked on the sandy beach and picked up some pebbles. The lake is so large it looks like the ocean with waves washing ashore.
Passed through the Porcupine Mountains and turned around when the road dead ended. There were roadside parks all along the beach and it was a beautiful side trip.
Sunday Lake was pretty and people were out walking as the sun was setting. Ate at the Country Kitchen and had fried fish, coleslaw and potato salad---excellent meal.
Continued on and found the Alpine Campground and signed in for $10 at 6:45. Found a parking spot and unloaded the back of the truck then walked around the campground loop picking up wood. There was a babbling stream and the camp was really nice. Around 8:00 I started a small fire and let it burn until around 9:00 when I climbed into the truck and went to sleep pretty quickly.

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